Employment is about more than a paycheck; it is about dignity, self-esteem and contributing to one’s community. PRIDE Industries’ programs are transformational, serving people with a multitude of disabilities and other barriers to employment. With your support, we prepare, place, and support individuals’ continued success in the workplace while revealing unique abilities.

Your unrestricted contribution allows us to direct your gift where it is most needed, providing services that enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

Or, if you prefer, you can direct your gift to one of the following program areas:

Job Creation

As PRIDE grows, jobs for people with disabilities grow. Growth requires capital, which is restrained by PRIDE Industries’ limited net income generated as a nonprofit organization. Your gifts to the Job Creation fund provide the growth capital needed to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Employment Preparation and Placement

Through job skills development, vocational and technical training, and career exploration, PRIDE Industries helps people with disabilities prepare for employment. Working with community partners, PRIDE assists individuals in finding the right job and fit to ensure long-term success. Your gifts to the Employment Preparation and Placement fund help provide paid internships, work-related items such as interview clothes and bus passes, and job skills training and placement assistance.

Over time, we have extended our proven model to others facing significant employment barriers, bringing success to more people seeking promising and productive futures. Our services extend to:

Youth Employment Services

Providing low-income youths (ages 16-21) and those exiting foster care with marketable work experience, employment soft skills training, educational connections, and individualized support. Your gift helps provide paid internships, work-related items such as interview clothes, and extended coaching and mentoring support.

Disabled Veterans

PRIDE’s programs help veterans connect to resources, develop or reposition work skills, and provide the training and tools necessary to help those who have served find their rightful place in the workforce. Your support provides paid internships, job skills training and placement assistance.

Employment Supports

The path to employment for people with disabilities can be filled with obstacles which have the potential to derail hard-won successes. To ensure that individuals remain and thrive in their jobs, we deliver continuing on-the-job supports, equip individuals with independent living skills, and provide assistive technology and other tools to overcome physical, sensory or other obstacles to employment. Your gifts to the Employment Supports fund help provide job coaching, assistive technology, and specialized tools.