What We Do

Ability, aspiration, and a desire to contribute are common to us all – opportunity is not. One in five Americans has a disability; yet two-thirds of working-age adults with disabilities are unemployed. This is untapped talent and human potential just waiting to be put to work - and in the process, transform lives.

PRIDE Industries Foundation provides people like you the opportunity to join with PRIDE Industries as we work together to create and expand opportunities for people with disabilities.

For 50 years, PRIDE Industries has proven that when job training, coaching, assistive technology and placement are combined with opportunity – people with disabilities can work and contribute to their own increased independence.

Today, PRIDE employs more than 3,200 individuals with disabilities across the country, including veterans. We support more than 450 people with disabilities each year in community employment, and improve futures for hundreds of youth exiting the foster care system through education and job training. Your generous support helps to make this possible by:

  • Expanding access to community employment - preparing and placing people with disabilities into jobs
  • Empowering people with disabilities through job skills training, coaching, and employment preparation
  • Providing the resources and tools necessary to ensure long-term employment success

100% to programs

As PRIDE Industries Foundation’s operations are supported by earned income, 100% of the funds donated to the Foundation are used to support program costs as each donor designates.

Gifts to the Power of Purpose fund allow PRIDE to deploy your gifts to support the greatest current needs, or you can designate your gift to support one of our important PRIDE programs.